SST Optimization Platform

Improved quality, energy, CO₂ emissions

SST Artificial Intelligence Platform Components

Improve Quality, Save On Energy Costs, and Reduce CO₂ Emissions

Smart Steel Technologies provides ready-to-use software products for the optimization of the steel manufacturing process chain. Resulting optimizations lead to permanently improved quality, reduction of energy costs and reduction of CO₂ emissions - without the investment overhead of new physical equipment.

Smart Steel Technologies’ platform automatically merges L1 and L2 data as well as quality and surface inspection data from all relevant processing steps. All data is mapped back precisely onto exact product positions. The software handles all transformations of the product from tapping liquid steel to galvanizing cold rolled strip. All uncoiling, downcoiling, head / tail, top / down flips, cropping, cutting, welding is taken into account.

The platform stores data in open formats. Incremental dumps can be imported. Real-time ingestion of thousands of high resolution process signals can be established. Data conversion modules for commonly used data sources are included.

Smart Steel Technologies’ team of experienced computer scientists and data experts has proven in numerous successful steel industry projects how L1 signals, L2 databases as well as quality and surface inspection data can be transformed into actionable information quickly and with only limited efforts on the side of the steelmaker.

Temperature Optimization AI

Precise models: energy savings + CO₂ reduction

SST Temperature Optimization AI

Live Prediction of Expected Cooling Behavior During Casting

Smart Steel Technologies' temperature optimization AI provides live temperature behavior predictions for every heat's downstream liquid-phase processes. By showing the effect of liquid phase treatments ahead of time, the temperature optimization AI enables steelmakers to remove temperature inconsistency from the casting process, improving the quality of casting sequences.

The temperature optimization AI alert system warns steelmakers ahead of time of costly production situations. The system sends alerts when it detects that the liquid steel of a heat will cool too quickly for effective casting, greatly reducing the amount of steel lost to premature solidification.

Experimental changes to liquid phase processes are inherently risky. Smart Steel Technologies' temperature optimization AI provides a risk-free platform for simulation of process-level adjustments, allowing steelmakers to validate their plans to tighten temperature thresholds to improve quality, save on energy costs, and reduce CO₂ emissions.

Casting Optimization AI

Precise models: reduction of casting defects

SST Casting Optimization AI

Permanently Improved Casting Quality at Reduced Cost

Smart Steel Technologies' casting optimization AI leads to permanently increased casting quality without installation of new equipment. Defect rates are reduced, and systems are continuously monitored for further casting optimization. The AI's automated analysis systems reduce the time spent investigating root causes, unlocking a quicker path to solutions, improving quality and saving valuable engineering time.

By integrating directly with Smart Steel Technologies' surface inspection AI, the casting optimization AI provides steelmakers with a one-of-a-kind perspective on downstream effects of live and historical casting conditions. The casting optimization AI displays precise mappings to downstream processes, allowing steelmakers to visually inspect production outcomes like never before.

Smart Steel Technologies' metallurgists have significant experience performing root cause analysis on all types of casting machines. This world-class expertise is reflected directly in the quality and scope of the casting optimization AI's root cause capabilities.

Surface Inspection AI

Boost defect classification accuracy

SST Surface Inspection AI

Complete Toolbox to Boost Surface Inspection Performance Across All Production Lines

Smart Steel Technologies' surface inspection AI toolbox provides an unmatched performance boost to surface inspection systems based on proprietary unsupervised optimization algorithms. The ready-to-install surface inspection AI unlocks the true potential of existing hardware systems without requiring the installation of any new equipment.

By centralizing existing surface inspection data in an open format, Smart Steel Technologies' surface inspection AI provides a one-of-a-kind cross-process perspective on the manifestation of defects. Upstream defects are easily distinguished from downstream defects, greatly reducing the effort required to find the root cause behind systemically persistent defects.

Surface inspection system maintenance is costly and time-consuming. Smart Steel Technologies' surface inspection AI toolbox includes tools for defect search and training set optimization that greatly simplifies the processes required for surface inspection system maintenance.